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Expectations vs Reality

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Jennifer was obviously acting. It don't think she is like that. If you look at interviews of her she is the sweetest person ever! Everything on there could have been so much better.

i agree

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It was kinda obvious that it was scripted cause phoebe was saying "rachel dont be upset" something like that. everything on these shows is pretty much scripted anyway. I cant believe some people were stupid enough to think it was real.


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I know you've probably had loads of these questions but what did you think (in your own words) of the 'reunion'? You totally dont have to answer this if you dont want x

i think that it was great to see them reunited on camera again.. even though that whole sketch was cringe-worthy

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Jimmy Kimmel said last night it was scripted and rehearsed she knew what was happening and told to act like that. She was not annoyed.

mystery solved :)

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Tbh I didn't really like the friends reunion skit for multiple reasons. First of all, it was poorly written & it wasn't really funny like friends usually is. Everyone is discussing whether Jen was uncomfortable or not but honestly idk. Maybe it was scripted or maybe it wasn't & she was upset that he didn't give "friends" ummm idk maybe justice with how he wrote it. In interviews & everything Jen said that friends was very personal Bc she loved it maybe she was upset w how he wrote it. Thoughts?

i think the whole thing was obviously scripted and possibly even rehearsed.. so she knew beforehand just how lame it was going to be… i guess she was supposed to look upset/angry/bored/whatever (probably the writers were going for a ridiculous but funny moment..it was just ridiculous), i just think she overdid it a bit and therefore she came off as genuinely angry…

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That skit was rubbish!

yeah it kinda was

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